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Tobe, a former British soldier, is forced to confront the past and present when he reunites with his estranged son, Ikenna. Ikenna is a misunderstood and troubled teenager with a gift for filmmaking and a passion for storytelling. When Ikenna is forced to move in with his father, Tobe sees an opportunity to rebuild their relationship. Things take an unexpected turn when they embark on an unexpected trip to Nigeria. Here, family relations are tense, and Tobe is faced with another relationship to rebuild; the relationship with his father. Tobe's father is suffering from dementia and is losing his memory.

In the backdrop, the Fulani herdsmen are attacking farms, causing chaos and protests erupt. Ikenna’s talents are put to the test when he finds himself at the forefront of the fight for justice. As Tobe and Ikenna navigate the challenges of their relationship and the injustices they witness, they begin to realise that their trip to Nigeria is about more than just healing the past. Will Tobe and Ikenna find redemption in their relationship and in the face of a nation on the brink of chaos?


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