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Concern about gang culture is on the rise. Gangs lead young people into danger and lead to community division, fear and deep distrust. However the friendship and support the security and sense of belonging they give young people is a powerful draw. Through his Consequences Programme Emeka Egbuonu aims to give young people a real sense of the consequences of their actions. Taking a group of young people from London to Los Angeles he looks at how life in gangs has ruined lives in the 'gang capital of the world'. Emeka examines the pain of families who have lost young people to knife crime on the streets of London and tries to identify what drives young people into the viscous cycle of gang culture. Starting from the slave trade, Emeka's insightful look at the breakdown of the family unit, peer pressure, stereotyping and racism is an uncompromising message to us all. With interviews and powerful accounts of knife crime on both sides of the Atlantic, this book pulls no punches.

Consequences (Breaking the negative cycle)

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